Central Landscape Supplies

10X has made me realise how poorly I was using my time and under-utilising my team. 10Xmakes you get very specific about what needs to be changed, what needs to be improved and what can be eliminated. By being better organised you are saving money as well as saving time. You are not repeating yourself or making your team repeat themselves. Systems that are now being put in place are going to benefit us as franchisors but also benefit all of the franchisees

General Manager, Central Landscape Supplies

Proprietor, Cyber Visual

Coming onto 6 years now, the ideas keep on coming. Accountability? Armando is still keeping me on my toes and accountable, as a business owner we all need it – Is EBP good? Would I keep using him if he wasn’t? Speaks for itself, business has never been so good, worth every cent.

Proprietor, Cyber Visual (Dec 2014)

The Stove Doctor

My Business partner and I were introduced to Armando by a friend almost 4 years ago. Somehow we needed to expand and find new horizons. After a few months, with Armando’s guidance, we found a niche in our market place and decided to sell the original Business. We decided to pursue the new market and build a Business model around the new Business. We have grown this new Business to a level that we are confident that we can become the market leaders in Australia. In a space of 3 years we have built a Business that we would not sell for 1.2 million dollars and with Armando’s help we believe that this Business is only at its infant stage. Franchising nationally is our goal. Armando keeps us focused and is constantly getting us to push forward in new and innovative ways. I would recommend Armando to any other Business owner as long as it is not our competitor. Well, he would not work with them anyway as we feel that he is as committed to our Business as much as we are.

The Stove Doctor

DME Solutions

When I signed a 1 year agreement with EBP, I never thought I would still be doing this 4 years later. Wow, 4 years, obviously Armando brings a lot to my Business or I would not be using him. It’s like having a smart Business partner that I can rely on without sharing my profits. My Business has gone from strength to strength and I am in the process of selling this Business for more than I ever expected. Would I recommend Armando to other Business owners? Any day of the week. He has given me guidance and helped me find direction. He is always available for me and I know that he always has my interest at heart. I need to do what I need to do and this includes to take the responsibility of making my Business profitable. Armando and I discuss how many laps I need to do, we agree on it and off I go. It simply works and I enjoy growing my Business more than ever before.

DME Solutions