Case Studies

Case Study – Dental

Armando started to work with a dentist in the North Ryde area. For 3 years this dentist was travelling 55 minutes to get to work and another 55 minutes home, her and her family were settled there however, she was not happy. After travelling almost 2 hours every day she started to get stressed and become less passionate about her job. She would take it out on her family and they were suffering because of it. After working with her for 3 months, Armando recommended that she needed to move closer to her practice.

She agreed that this would be the best solution and together they sat down with Armando and planned out the next steps to get these plans in motion

When she moved to the North Ryde area it only took 5 minutes to get to work.  Relaxed and ready for work she was quite happy to put in an extra hour seeing patients.  With the change of attitude her business started to feel it.  The dentist could now take half an hour for lunch.  She redecorated her practice and was now feeling good at work – and it showed.  Her son could now walk to her work and this changed his attitude about the practice that he had disliked only a few months earlier.  Her son and husband were in a far happier place now than they had been in years.  Finally they started to see real growth and profits.

1 hour more at work equates to  around 12% more productivity for her as well as 12% more productivity for her staff.In turn this results  in around 40% more profit, then up to 80% profit.  With this much more profit, her business value had doubled in the space of 9 months.

This nice story does not end there.  With the extra cash as well as the pressure being off the family, the husband could now go into the business that he had been looking at for ages.

The obvious thing to do was to engage Armando as a business consultant and coach from the ground level.

Armando helped him get the rights for the product he was bringing into Sydney and negotiate the best possible deal as well as negotiating his premises.  When starting up, employing the right reps proved to be a great win for a new company, a strategy that Armando had used on various occasions in the past.

6 months later this new business was up and running profitably, giving the new owner a great sense of achievement and confidence to run the vibrant business.  Two years down the line the business has gone from strength to strength.  Remember, that 4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first 5 years and are not profitable.

Within 1 year of Armando meeting this family their lives had completely changed and they were on a completely new and happy path.


Case Study – Big Truck Repair Company

This company in the south of Sydney engaged Armando to help with getting them to the next level.  After a short time it was apparent that the company would need to move premises in order to take it to where it needed to be.

The business was a 3 to 4 million dollar business and the move would be a $500,000 dollar exercise.  Petrol prices were going towards the $1.30 make when they had been around the $900.  Business was flat and the company was not in a position to pay for this move in order to move to that next level.

With Armando’s guidance the idea was to do the small things first and then the big things will somehow find their way.

The Big Truck Repair Company started to move in the direction or relocating within 1 year even though they could definitely see then light at the end.

  • Get a new 1800 number, so when they moved the number could remain the same
  • Get all the existing clients to have the new 1800 number
  • Get a new website with the new vision
  • Put systems in place to cater for the new vision
  • Employ the right staff for the new vision and let some of the old staff go
  • Train up the new staff with the new vision in mind
  • Mr M understood and liked this new shift in mind set that was happening however he could not see how this 500k investment need was ever going to happen. Then banks were getting tighter GFC was coming up.  The business could not do much more work in the existing premises yet they were moving in that direction.  It felt good and all the right things were being done but the party was a good one but it looked as though the fireworks were not going to happen

It is really funny how it works – if you start moving in a direction and thinking in that direction somehow things start to fall into place.

Not here.  Business had died right down, truck drivers were delaying truck repairs and leaving them for later months.  Some truck companies were letting staff go.

Other truck drivers were servicing the trucks themselves.  The Big Truck Repair Company was getting dressed up but nowhere to go.

One Friday afternoon Armando received a call from M.  You won’t believe what has happened?

There was a big truck with a large container reversing down the side of the factory to the neighbor.  The ground underneath the back wheels collapsed and the truck fell into the hole, tipping over into my factory.  Nobody was hurt.  The roof is asbestos and the factory is being condemned.  We can’t go into the factory.

The insurance company has instructed us that this will be a very long repair and case and have instructed us to find new premises.  They will be paying us full down time and any losses caused by this tragic accident.

3 months later, The Big Truck Repair Company and Mr M and his team had moved into this ideal factory complex unit of 8 factories.  Mr M had secured the best of the 8 factories.  Quite unbelievable, isn’t it.  The story continues.

Being in the new factory for 1 or so months they had a large wall, a very, very large wall in the factory.  They had put huge industrial shelving on this wall.  This is where they stored all the old motors that they had kept over the last 30 years.  This was their best spares department.  They could take off used parts of these motors.  Often some of the parts could not be sourced but this spares department had it there.  Within one month of being there, one week and a huge storm happened and the roof leaked water down that wall and soaked all of these motors.

Another legitimate insurance claim.  Out of 8 factories the only one wall got soaked was that wall.  There was a faulty guttering system, being a new factory block they did not know that with the storm hundreds and thousands of dollars and they got to keep motors too.

There could be no better dream story for that company.  Quite unbelievable.

Funny, once they started thinking “move” or “not “we have never had it so tuff in this industry, as the others were saying.  Suddenly after 13 or so years in the old premises all of this happened, and all in the year Armando was working with this Big Truck Repair Company and Mr M.


Case Study – Trades Company

A Trades Company was referred to EBP.  We started working together on the company that the partners had owned and run for a few years.  This company soon started to dramatically increase its profits.  After working and coaching them for around 6 months.  Together Armando and the partners found a niche market in their trade.

The business partners formed a separate company to focus on this niche market.  Now 2 years later the 2 partners have built this business up as their primary business.  They are now looking at franchising and growing interstate.

One year after the business was formed, the partners of this business were asked if they would sell the business for $400,000, get the money and the new owner will step in.

This figure was not enough to get the 2 business partners to sell.

From $0 to $400,000 plus in 14 months.